Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gorgeous Andrew Marc Style Shearling Coat Sz 4

This coat is absolutely gorgeous!! It runs small. About a 2-4 and the shearling is the thickest and most luxurious I've ever seen! You won't be able to find this coat anywhere else for this money. It would be the perfect fashionable attire for a trip to Aspen..Or maybe just for looking cute in a lot of snow at home! *winks* $79.99+shipping. It isn't perfect and shows the slightest wear so if you're looking for perfectly new coat this isn't it. But then again if it were, it be in excess of $500. I also don't think it would take much to make this a reversible coat. The shearling is thick and perfect. If you have any questions or interest please email me at or leave a comment. Thanks!


  1. I would buy it in a second if it was faux. :(

  2. Oh I love this coat! I wish it was a bigger size (or really, what I wish, is that I were a smaller size)! Love your background on this blog. laurie


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